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There aren’t enough hours in a day, I know. One moment you’re saying to yourself while crying at 3:00 in the morning, “I am the only person in the world who is awake right now,” as you nurse your baby. The next moment you’re packing away their favorite baby blanket because they no longer require a crib or bassinet to sleep in. They’re in a toddler bed. You’ll realize one day how much your baby has grown so much before your eyes. Time is such a thief. I know that being everything to tiny humans is tiring. I know that parenthood is gritty. But what if you could gift your children heirlooms that showcase the affection, love, and grit that it takes to make a family? I want the images I capture for you to bottle up everything you feel about parenthood. The raw emotion, the good stuff. So, if your favorite things include Starbucks coffee in the morning, yoga pants in the afternoon, and Tito’s in the evening, all while listening to Taylor Swift on repeat, we already have so much in common. Let’s create some beautiful images together to savor all the good stuff, forever.


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xo, Jessica

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