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Jessica and Shaun are amazing! This duo is most definitely the ones you want to book for your life milestones.

Shaun and I have this unique story about how we met… Picture it—Pennsylvania, 2013. We were both working as corrections officers, so we met in prison. I like to say that we quite literally found love in a hopeless place. The Pittsburgh Penguins hockey and our love for the outdoors and dogs is what brought us together, and we’ve been together now for nine years, married eight.
One year, Shaun bought me a camera for my birthday. I was so excited to be able to take photos of our newborn daughter at the time, BUT never in my wildest dreams did I think that so many years later, photography would become a full-time career for us both. 

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Our Other Loves:

When we’re not busy photographing weddings, you can always find us relaxing at home with our tiny humans, Charlie Jo and Lane. The way these two say “mama,” still gives me butterflies. Sometimes if we’re feeling adventurous, we’ll travel somewhere together on our off weekends. Shaun and I find that our time together as a family is priceless, especially while our children are still so young. We’re passionate about our lives and time together, and have learned to never take either for granted. Together we try to be 110% husband and wife, parents, and business owners. While also keeping up with the day to day, without allowing life to get too wild.

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There is no greater love than the love we have for each other, our children, and our puppy, Hans. He just celebrated his first birthday and is 90 pounds of pure love and affection. He is always included in our adventures together, and enjoys long hikes through the woods, cuddles, and Meadows ice cream.


We can't wait to get to know you better! Send us a message to see if we are available for your special day!

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